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Other Ways of Organize and View Collection


a simply list of pictures sorted by level is good, but sometimes i want to find a dino in my collection, or compare more than one, or view only raptors for example.

sometimes i just forgot a dino’s name and have to remember by picture or have to open some to find.

when have more than 100 dinos a simply level sorted list of picture is not enough.

some options like names below pictures, alphabetical order, filters… should be appreciated.


It would be awesome, to sort them by abilities or stats. In the meantime you can check the metahub’s dinodex

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this sort in game, should give us option to sort our dinos by they current health or damage, considering your dinos levels.

and filter by other abilities too… like:

list only dinos with distraction and/or immunity, for example.

now, let me see my dinos with regeneration or shield.

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I’m still waiting for this, or something like it. I wanna be able to scroll through while in the lab.
This pic is old, btw.