Ouch 😩

The image speaks for itself. I thought accidentally leveling Ardonto to 21 was bad but this… this :weary:

Have you ever done a worse missclick in JWA?


That’s a waste of 50k coins. But who knows, it could come in handy in some tournament at some point.

And no, never leveled up something by mistake.

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upgrading my diplocaulus to lvl 9
now i wont have scaphotator

That’s worse? lol

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its just the equivalent of this for a lower lvl player


It really isn’t.

a.k.a. me
and its cost me everything
(my coins)
i have like 400 coins now!

I don’t care about these coins. But Nasuto DNA, man that’s exclusive. Plus I’m omw to create Testa, hurts even more because of that

I know, I have been lower level too. But if you think losing 600 coins is worse than 50k coins then you are going to be in for a treat at the endgame.

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i didnt lose 600 coins
i had 5K
i now have 400
(not only scapho that was my biggest loss there were others)

You don’t know real pain yet lol

By accidentally levelling something from 8 to 9? How…

from 5 to 9

That’s not accidental.

How could that be accidental xD

no it was
you see
i meant to put it from 4 to 5
but then it froze
so i kept pressing
and then it was lvl 9
me: :cold_sweat:


Hard to imagine that but I believe you

i have horrible wifi
you wouldnt believe it

That’s a kind of freeze I never encountered, but sure I believe you.
That still doesn’t explain losing 4400 as it’s 200+300+500+600 or something like that. Less than 2000 in total.
Also, Diplocaulus (the rare at least) is used at a higher level than 9 for a hybrid, so you will use it at some point later on.

  1. diplo g1
  2. that wasnt the only one, just the biggest
    there were others when i leveled my einio from 6-7
    and suchomimus from 6-7