Ouch 😩

Ouch, that’s a rather expensive mistake.

Spin a few drops, and you can lose some more :slight_smile:

some more what???
I meant how
drops are how u get coins

Gold coins.

you know how you can buy darts for coins?
well i have 4K+ darts
so if only you could sell darts for coins

Needless to say your post terrifies me more than a level 21 Pteraquetzel :joy:

I levelled blue from 11 to 20 and then they released indo g2 the grind to get it was awful

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They really need an undo button or something


a “devolve” button


Hehe, you cannot :slight_smile: I would be rich(er), got 210k darts!

A confirmation to level anything over lvl15 would be great.


10 characters

I have lvl 15 mirigaia
when megalogaia came out
me :worried: :cold_sweat: :sweat: :sob:

lmao I leveled mine to 23 before either of it’s hybrids came out I regretted it so much

“Devolve” is complicated though. What’s to stop someone from leveling up a Koolabourgiana and Diplodocus to level 20 to unlock Gemini, then devolving them back to lower levels to get a refund? I suppose it would only work if devolving didn’t give you a refund, or even cost additional coins to do.


Whaaat? Yeah your mistake is even bigger than mine

how about this
if they have a hybrid of that, they cant level down past that point
plus rares cant go past 6
epics cant go past 11


Well that’s a given. The problem is if/how to distribute refunds for coins and especially DNA. How do you determine how much DNA went into a hybrid when you leveled it up? I guess hybrid DNA could only be refunded as that hybrid per each level devolved, but not into the pre-fusion components. And you still need to get dinos to a certain level to make their hybrids in the first place, so devolving them to get the DNA refunded wouldn’t actually help you fuse the hybrid any faster.

hybrid dna devolves as hybrid dna
not individual dna

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I think it would work with a few rules:

  1. DNA refunded is given as the dino being de-leveled. If it is a hybrid, the DNA remains hybrid DNA (DNA used in fusions is non-refundable, since every fusion yields a different amount of DNA).
  2. The amount of DNA refunded is equivalent to the amount required to level up from the devolved level to the current level.
  3. Dinos cannot be de-leveled beyond the level you unlock them at.
  4. Coins are NOT refunded.
  5. In fact, de-leveling between two levels will cost the player more coins, probably half the to level up to that level from the devolved level (although this can be subject to change).

Here’s some examples of how it could work:

Example 1: You accidentally evolved your Stegosaurus to level 16, and want to take it back to 15. It cost you 10,000 coins and 3,000 stegosaurus DNA to do this. When you devolve, it costs you 5,000 more coins, but you get a level 15 stegosaurus with 3000 additional DNA.

Example 2: You accidentally evolved your Carbotoceratops up to level 21, and you want it back to 20. It cost you 50,000 coins and 300 Carbotoceratops DNA to do this. After paying 25,000 coins, you are refunded 300 Carbotoceratops DNA, and it is now only level 20.

Example 3: You’re challenging a raid boss and using a particular strat, but your dino’s attack stat is too high to make the strat work, even without boosts, because it’s level is too high (let’s say it’s a level 30 Thyla, and it needs to be level 23 or something). It cost you 990,000 coins and 27,500 DNA to get your Thyla from level 23 to 30. So for 495,000 coins, you can de-level your Thyla down to level 23, and are also refunded 27,500 Thylacotator DNA.

Example 4: You have a level 29 Erlikospyx, and want to start putting your Erlikosaurus Gen 2 DNA towards Erlikogamma instead. So you want to delevel your Erlikosaurus Gen 2 from 20 to 10. It cost you 136,000 coins and 10,550 DNA to get it from 10 to 20. So for 68,000 coins, you can de-level your Erlikosaurus Gen 2 back to level 10, and gain 10,550 DNA to spend on making Erlikogamma. However, you can no longer fuse towards Erlikospyx unless you level your Erlikosaurus Gen 2 back up to 20.

Examples 3 and 4 show why having a cost to devolve is important, because it can be easily exploited to reclaim DNA otherwise. That said, example 4 is probably pretty rare, and probably would only happen if your Spyx was at level 30. However, given how expensive leveling up is, I think it would also be fair to not charge players to delevel, as long as they don’t get a coin refund.