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Our alliance offers everything you want: 10/10, 3 L20 sanctuaries, great players and team atmosphere

Our top-notch alliance Swamp Chomp (28th in alliance championship) is looking for 3 new active teammates before the start of the next tournament. We have the best balance of fun and competitiveness out there with a great team atmosphere and motivated players who are trying to push our great alliance to the top.

Any interested players DM me on Discord (SK#3272), and we’ll see if we can welcome you to The Swamp!

Check out Swamp Chomp’s latest selection. We have also added the latest awesome dinos Moschops and Scutosaurus! He only has a couple of spots open and they will fill fast. If you are serious about earning top tournament rewards the time is now. Message SK or contact him on Discord, SK#3272.