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Our clan family is recruiting again! From 6 star level to farming 10s

We have spots open currently in 3 of our clans please take a look over our requirements and let us know if you think you’d be a good candidate :blush:. We also promote between our clan levels so if you join one as your team grows you will be promoted up through our ranks. Our current openings are:

Viserions Vengeance- 1 spot currently downing 9s and very close to 10s.
Rhaegal Rising- 1 spot currently downing every 8 with the occasional 9
Balerions Beginning- currently 18/25 our newest clan currently downing 6 stars just needed a few more members to make it to 7s

I am all of those, except for discord. Would be great fit for second clan. 5800 power and growing, 6-9 alpha attacks daily.

Apply for the blue clan viserions vengeance.
I will accept once I see your application

I have applied.

There were a few applicants

What’s your user name?

Jeff #4759

Saw that the other two filled up overnight so I also, preemptively applied for Balerions.

We are still looking for a few for balerions who are now on 7 star alphas and one for viserions!

Still looking for a few for Balerions, 1 for Viserions and 1 for Rhaegals :slight_smile: