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⁉️Our clan just got a 7 star Bewilderbeast — AGAIN 😣

We’ve worked so hard to get to this point and rebounded from a demoralizing loss to the last one (because the spirit bug made it a mathematical impossibility to win) and now we’re back to a 7* alpha and it’s another Bewilderbeast, really?!?

Do you want to alienate your most passionate players and turn them off from the newest element in the game? Because you’re doing a great job :+1:


First of all, Gale, it’s… not just a game, it’s a daily event. Daily. So if your hardcore players can get demoralized by a 1-2 day lose streak… pity. Guess it sounds better when it’s a 7-star.
Secondly - have you defeated any 7-stars before? If you have defeated one, and then lost to another, then you’ll get one more 7-star before you go down a bracket. It’s about 3 Alphas or so per bracket.
If you actually haven’t defeated any 7-stars and still keep getting them… Yeah, lol, I guess they are trolling you.

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Of course it’s just a game (and I didn’t mean to double-post :upside_down_face: — got an error message the first time that “page didn’t exist” so I didn’t think it had gone through).

Simply providing some feedback that the game is no fun when it gets tilted so far against you that there’s no point in trying. We know that the alpha battles are designed to keep going until you hit your ceiling. But the Bewilderbeast isn’t a ceiling. It’s a giant bug.

No different from what you and many others do in this forum on the daily.


Perhaps it will get better with time?

Remember titan star levels are random​:joy::joy::joy: