Our Creature Reworks 2.0

Continuing from @HolyPoly1026’s thread (due to necro),
post your creature reworks here. Here is one of mine…

Screenshot 2022-03-17 09.15.45


Here I did this because the next creature buff in buff this! Is diplotator


It really should be a fierce+resilient because it has dig in and swap in stun that does damage


download (3)


download (4)
Screenshot 2022-03-17 10.03.10


@Walnut nope nope and nope, all 3 creatures were perfect how they where. Know they are ruined ( in my opnion). Sorry if this sounds attacking its not meant like that.


Its alright. Yeah I liked them more how they were, but allo could use a rampage maybe(well then it would basically be thordor, so nvm)

Well i also disagree on that :smile:. Escpailly disagree with thyla, its rend is what makes him perfect right know. Thyla on its own is perfect, all creatures are perfect how they are​:laughing:.


If you could gave them a buff maybe small Resistance buffs, but not much becuase that might break them

1800 damage swapper :skull:


Lol didnt even notice

This build says MORE than enough

No like no just no

I think the image speaks for itself on why it’s a no

Also not trying to be mean but it’s just that this is insane

Allosino has already better attack, better armour and better speed than thor. So buffing it makes thor completely useless.


thor does not need a buff have you even seen aviary lately? it’s ALL level 30 thors. It’s not interesting anymore. Thank god I run a non meta team cause all id see on my screen is Thor…


I am not in aviary, but I do have to say this Thor needs some ammor

can also say no to the suggestions. fine tuning is great, but those changes are all too severe. I recommend checking out the Tier List on the JWA GamePress site and working on creatures that are all the way at the bottom and never seen in any raid/tourney/PvP battle. those could need a rework to flatten the wide span, even if they’d only be great in raids

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No, it just makes it stronger against the things it should be beaten by: cunnings

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