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Our custom creatures!

Hi! I thought it would be fun if we could share some of our custom made creatures for JWA, anything is fine, it can be made from JWA toolbox, photoshop, or just a drawing! I’ll start us off!


I like Torvosaurus. However, I would say maybe only resistance to deceleration instead of immune though.

pretty nice. This makes it the first natural mixed group, like cunning-fierce.

I would make it fierce. The minimal speed up strike it has doesn’t really make it cunning. Its an interesting choice, and I like it.


working on it

I can create a custom creature real quick. What are the components you want?

It could be anything! the choice is yours.

I have rebalanced it, I slightly nerfed its speed and deceleration resistance, but slightly buffed its attack.


Ok. So a potential powerhouse if allowed to set up, but it gets bodied pretty hard by cunning. Now what to use for my hybrid?


yeah, it’s meant to counter resilient like it should, but it looses to cunning while still getting a decent hit.

Yes. I like this guy. Its an interesting concept, a chomper that can speed up.


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a good match up for it would be something with low attack, allowing torvo to set up for its next match up.

That’s a spicy boi. A lot of damage for that much speed. It needs some tweaks. I would lower the speed to 118, as that is almost to cunning territory. Also maybe 1800 damage instead?

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that looks good, but I would lower the speed to about 109 and get rid of the bleed resistance.

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The bleed resistance isnt too bad, due to the low health. However, it could be removed. Another thing is the rend resistance.


What about diloranosaurus with carnotaurus? Dilorantaurus or Carnolosarus

4000 Health
1200 Damage
116 Speed
0% Armor
5% Critical Chance

Cunning Strike
Cleansing Impact
Group Healing Shields (Shield 1 turn, Heal 1250 health)
Cunning Rampage
Rending Counter Attack

100% Stun
100% Distraction

Possible Design:
Carnotaurus Body with the sail of Dilorano on the back, and the frill on the head as well. The horns would become elongated, but it would still have a point on the top of the crests. It would go from Green and Red to Green and Orange, with a bit of Red where the crests and arms are.

Possible Description: With its large horns, Carnolosaurus likes to ram its prey, then bite it, as it has a weak set of jaws. Strangely enough, Carnolosaurus has been seen to interact with Diloranosaurs and Carnotaurus, which means that hybrids can talk to its ancestors. More research will need to be done.


I’ll get too work on that

Way ahead of you.