Our custom creatures!


Two commons can’t make an epic. They can only make a rare or legendary.



Why not? :thinking:

It’s not an actual rule stated by Ludia, it’s just something Ludia goes by for some reason. It’s technically allowed, but Ludia hasn’t done it before so it’s not a regular thing.

Oh like they used to only have super hybrids and no mega hybrids

I thought why not add indominus mod 3 to me and that’s how I created it.

I’m glad that you are interested in my creatures



Oops made a mistake
Pretend that the Damage R resistance is actually crit R resistance

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다운로드 (15)
Scorpius rex imperator.

다운로드 (16)
Indominus Rex nemesis. (upgrade ver)
well, i want this indominus rex make by same to movie model (sound is spino sound)
and a new animations from Jurassic World The Game indominus rex.

What should i make I’m running out of ideas

Tanycolagreus and any of the raptor squad members.


What should i fuse I.rex G2 with?

This text will be blurredTryo


Ok​:+1::grin::ok_hand:. Also i have some new creatures for erlikospyx and the erlidominus super hybrids to fuse, and i know the perfect one’s.
Erlikospyx + the new legendary mosaraptor hybrid dromeosauried = the new mega hybrid called, the erlikosaspraptoyx theropod carnivore dinosaur with the animation set of the scorpius rex. And for erlidominus.
Erlidominus + the new legendary megarchelon hybrid = the new mega hybrid theropod carnivore dinosaur called, the megarcheldominus or erliarcheldominus, for her new animation set, indominus rex or scorpius rex or spinosaurus or indoraptor.

Indominus rex nemesis and scorpius rex imperator: (if i said it’s name correct) you can’t defeat us.
Albertospinos: me and my other hybrid or dino friends can’t defeat you guy’s but, they can.
Indominus rex nemesis and scorpius rex imperator: who?
And then brusting through the trees was the new velocipteryx dromeosauried hybrid + rexy = into the new large or medium or both medium and large super hybrid dinosaur and indomeys and the new erlikosaspraptoyx mega hybrid theropod carnivore dinosaur mega hybrid and the new erlikodominus + the new legendary megarchelon hybrid = the new mega hybrid theropod carnivore dinosaur called, the megarchdominus or the erlikarchelon mega hybrid carnivore theropod dinosaur that has the animation set of scorpius rex or indoraptor or spinosaurus or indominus rex like the thor movie that has that one funny and hilarious meme but different.

Tanycoraptor is a good new idea but, what would it look like, what kind of new unique mixed colors would it have and what would it’s note/facts about it be🤔?