Our custom creatures!

Because i only have a phone😅.

You ok dude🤔? Just asking, please and thank you.

you know you can do it on your phone as well

But in order to do that, how am i supposed to do that? Please and thank you​:+1::grin::ok_hand::pray::+1::grin::ok_hand::pray:.

Google search jwa toolbox

It always says your replying

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  • Bajadasaurus + Dimetrodon
  • Dilophosaurus + Stygimoloch
  • Erlikosaurus + Eucladoceros

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didn’t they use to have that

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Randomized hybrid. I’ve heard people say it’s not very strong, which I’m honestly fine with because the legendary meta really doesn’t need any more broken creatures.


two ideas of mine, do you like them? I’ll put both together to form an Apex op, h-tyrant easily. I will also post an Apex of There, he deserves it
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What it could be used for is either a decently strong but not OP unique or apex.

I’ll always vote for Stygi hybrids :slightly_smiling_face: I live stygi

Mujundaboa epic hybrid + skoonasaurus unique super hybrid = into the newer beautiful unique mixed colored omnivore souropod mega hybrid, please and thank you.

@Digi_fan why do you take so long to reply? Just asking

'Cause i’m sweating and my house is getting hot not like anything bad is gonna happen. Also just asking.

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Pyrolophosaurus updated, i changed the Accelerating Distracting Crit Impact into just Crit Distracting Impact

Jurassic world dominion update patch notes.
The newer pyroraptor rarity and class, epic and both cunning and fierce.
And the new beta the daughter of blue, rarity: epic. Her class: cunning.
And the new jurassic world camp cretaceous update patch notes. Toro, rarity: epic. His classes: both fierce and resistant because of his very hard head at the level at 30% and one of his abilities would be shield advantage while one of his newer abilities can increase his attack damage states and can devour heal himself for three turns and can break shields and bypass armor and can remove the cloak and doge abilities too.
And the new camp cretaceous spinosaurus rarity: epic, and his class is a both fierce and cunnin because in jurassic world camp cretaceous season 5 trailer we saw him and the other new carnotaurus and limbo running at full speed.
The raptor squad sisters’ rarity, epic and there class are a both cunning and fierce.
And the baryonyx trio siblings’ rarity is a epic, while their class is a both fierce and cunning.

My own version of Gastornis :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: