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and this

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Ideally, for the compys, there would be about five of them, all kind of small. Three with the mono animation and two with the raptor animation, something like that.

I’d kind of like it if the compys got a new set of animations, like “tiny theropod” or something. Then they could also use that rig for other dinos, like Archaeoptryx, Microraptor, etc.

That too could work, but then again, this is Ludia. If it fits in one group close enough, they probably won’t make a new animation set.

Either way, I still think there should be more than one compy, since they’re always depicted as pack hunters in the movies. Not sure about historical accuracy though, admittedly.

from the looks of it, a compy silhouette will be added this weekend to the toolbox

The compy silhouette is already there. I just found out.

New boss.

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All my custom creatures:

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this is the boss form of the creature i made


Someone beat you to the name of Smilosuchus by 25 years.

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Call her Ornithonax! Means Bird Lord.

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Oh, snap. Noooooo

All my custom creatures


At the revelation that there can now be legendary non-hybrids, how about this?

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3 totally random hybrids

Edit: I just realized that Stenax is a rare version of Dioraja lol.


this thread has better hybrids than the same game XD LOL


Ornithonax - Random Hybrid of Stegoronax

I don’t know it could be epic or unique.


What if it was full fierce, and Bellow became Primal Brace (but it actually gained invincibility)