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Our custom creatures!

I think 3900 or lower would be better.
Also I realised that Gemini doesn’t necessarily beat it.

Ceratosaurus, anyone?

And a ‘horned therapods’ hybrid that does carno justice?


how is it a wildcard?

Likely they accidentally forgot to change it to the desired class

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most likely


I think I did lol

Further to the actual creature stats i posted above i revised my creation and it turned out to be a META STOMPING MONSTER OF PURE DEATH by the time i had finally finished doing the toolbox creation. Yes its powers / abilities are over the top ( OP ) i was originally going to create a * legendary or possible unique version of this creature but changed my mind and went full on * mangle fest critter of wanton destruction * lol well to put it bluntly check out the attached picture to see what i mean…
I introduce for your utter enjoyment a * brand new APEX RAID BOSS the GammoTucanactylus * and it is definitely one real mean piece of work, because if you came up against this monster in a raid well all i can say is … good luck in trying to defeat this behemoth of pure power ! lol

I made this hybrid a while back and some others and I actually ended up sending them to Ludia and they said out of all of them they really liked Teratoslenken and sent it to the development team.


I have an idea for a new apex pterosaur

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indom g2 ahem

Here’s a Ceratosaurus line that I think might be cool, all feedback welcome and appreciated:

I did forget to change class, here are updated versions:

Another example of Ludia going against the typecast. Yes, technically Indom G2 should be Wildcard.

I made some random hybrids.

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I feel like Archaeopteryx should be common.

That is awesome!

Superhybrids for the 2.4 hybrids