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Our custom creatures!

I had a high speed big speed theropod:


I hope the first come ( rexy ) and the second and the rest would be very nice

is it allowed to post photo edits of creature concepts I made?

Yes, I think

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The hybrid concepts I posted on Reddit (you decide what design for the first and last one)

Screen_Shot_2021-06-02_at_3.13.53_PM-removebg-preview (1)


Strange but interesting, ¿how do you fused Richenia model with Acrocanthops model?

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I love all the art, especially the eagle, acrocanthops, and lux hybrid


I used Pixlr.

Rin’s tail didn’t work for the sail so I had to use deinonychus’ tail and the fuzz between the back and feathers were rinchenia’s

The chin had pteroquetzals feathers due to rinchenia’s not looking too good

rinchenia’s arm feathers was for for the front legs and I used phoru’s head feathers on the hind legs

rinchenia’s crest and eye was used on acro’s head

These all qill be nice and beatiful

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Aquilamimus Rework


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I maked and edited your ideas:


Cool. Although i still think Megatherium should be epic

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Did i balance it right? That is just i little idea that goes to my head. What do you think about it?


Looks nice. Also thx for the CarnoRaptor. That was my idea :slight_smile:


Also thanks what do you guys think about this one

Uploading: B67E59A1-9D69-466A-AE85-D604C52FE887.jpeg…
Uploading: D3A49EAD-8760-4F6D- 9B08-5E7EE769A5B9.jpeg…

The new king of meta?:

I maked a creature to count him:

I’m going to remove Crushing Bite to Killer Inscint

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My own version of Grypo gen 2:


Lemme just yeet my dudes in here:

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download (8)

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Why is it called “Fristikasaurus” and what does “Diodontolacerta” mean?