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Does the last one even exist?


This is just a fun little concept idea, but can anyone help me out with this? Been watching Loki a bit and so since we already have thor, god of crits, maybe why not a creature that can rival thor? I am aware if how Loki always gets beaten, but my simply concept would be a hybrid that is not unbeatable but is simply annoying to beat, may be horrific to face but this is just for fun. I cant think of any ingredients other than boa gen 2+some ceratopsian+something else to simply make it… better for use? Idk, but if anyone has any ideas I’d love to see them

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Something with high speed. Smilonemys is actually a really good example. It has high speed, great armor, and a variety of ways to just make any opponent miserable. So I would create something similar to it.

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My remake of Neovenator:


I have something: A creature that has O-E Rampage and an ability that forces the opponent to swap out. With priority, of course.



download (12)

Halloween version


Creepy spoiler


Damn, that’s a really good model. It is… very very strong though. And also not well formatted (I think).

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Über annoying creatures:



What’s this supposed to be?

The images got screwed up the first time. That’s the remainder of the Ekfovistikosaurus file name.

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These are horrifying I love them, definitely gonna want to make a sketch of this
Can I ask what both names mean? Especially the superhybrid? lol

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Enallagisaura is “Frightened Lizard”

Ekfovistikosaurus is “Intimidating Lizard”

Both are very rough translations and I think (?) from Greek.

Also I’ll definitely be on the lookout. Horror was what I had in mind.


Troodon + compsognathus I think would be a quite terrifying hybrid.

Spinoraptor is to op

My version of spinoraptor

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Increase the health to something akin to 3200, decrease the attack to 1300, and decrease the speed to 125.

I think that would improve it, as it looks very… polarized.

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