Our main park isn't a park in the game


Has anyone else encountered this? I live in Orillia Ontario and we have a large waterfront park that’s centrally located and is our main tourist attraction but it’s not a park in the game. It’s also next to our downtown area. it makes it hard to play effectively in that part of town. I sent an email to Ludia but I wanted to make sure this issue gets noticed so I started this topic. Do you guys think this was an oversight?


I have the same problem in my town. 2 parks that ain’t in the game but a random field in the shady part of town is considered a “park”


Ya I found it puzzling that some tiny unused parks in my town are game parks but not the big one. Our big park has monuments, a boat launch, 2 playgrounds, 2 beaches, 2 large docks, a skate park, an outdoor theatre, a kids train ride and our main boat marina.


Parks in my city aren’t marked as parks, but a small roundabout is, also a bank, I really don’t understand


Same goes for me
Instead of our local park a greenfield in the industry area is where the event takes place
Our park has no drops at all.
Talked with support about it. Has been 6weeks since I started the conversation. About 1 1/2weeks ago they closed the conversation saying the will work on it. For now I am just waiting.


This is the biggest park in my town


This is a regular park in San Diego notice any difference?


Same problem.
Pretty rural area with lots of trees and parks, yet I only find the special spawns in the next big city, sometimes on absurdly tiny “park” areas.
It is sure weird to see two epics in a “park” that’s just about the size of two cars.

When there are no park areas here at all. It is puzzling me for some time now.
Would be so nice to have a nearer park spawning area so I could get those nice weekend special dinosaurs without going to work.


Yeah same here. I had a park with 3 green supply drops and then 1 day thwy vanished. I sent a ticket but still waiting


had one park point before, now that is gone… can’t see any of the PVE points either