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Doing my happy dance oh yeaaaaaah


Very nice. I’m jealous


Jealous also! That amount of ourano would absolutely get my cherius to 25. Congrats!!


Aw u lucky kid


I havent seen Ouran in months…


I see it pretty often if I’m hunting specifically for it. Last few weeks I’ve been focusing on L1 dinos so I haven’t come across it either. Gonna switch things up this weekend tho, cherius needs some love :heart::heart:


Me neither


I got that and Erlik. First one in awhile that had great epic dna


Wow! Congratulations!


I don’t even know where we my nearest L2 is, so I probably don’t need to say how often I see this thing. All the time, obviously. :joy:


my diloracheirus is level -1 I don’t have one yet :rofl:
got dilorano at 17 though


That is a great start on dilo! Keep going!


Kind of wishing we were in the same alliance so I could help you out. I have WAY too much Dilo Gen 1. :joy:


I have 4000 Ourano DNA, but lacking Dilo :joy: