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Anybody seen one in the wild or incubator since update? :joy: I have 4k dilo dna ready to go but only 50 ourano so not even doing the 1 fuse till its worth it. I havnt seen any in forever


My problem is similar. I have like 2k ourano DNA (darted recently and incubators) but cant find dilos in the wild. LOL

So yes, I saw ouranos in the wild :sweat_smile:


Switch with me, I have plenty of ouranosaurus and zip dilophosaurus lol. Considering I live in local zone 1, and all I see are edmontosaurus :frowning:️ My dilo has been looking rather sad lately. I tend to find the ouranos more at night if that helps?


Might be why I dont see them then since all ny commuting and stuff is in the day which is when i pick up dilos going between places


Yeah that’s probably why I don’t see much Dilophosaurus. The sun is the enemy, and not my friend. These day and night specifics dinos are really a bummer, I can only aim for the early mornings or dusk. Mid day hunting is pure suicide :joy:


I seen 2 yesterday. They come around here alot


I caught 1 yesterday and 1 the day before after not seeing one for 3 weeks.


It’s the opposite with me. Ouranosaurus spawns where Sarcosuchus spawns. Maybe it helps.


I have loads of diloph and I’m ONE fusion away from making the fusion…when I ran out of ourano. Not seen it in ages. Gutted.


Let’s start a movement! We want a Diloranosaurus-themed event! :smiley:


Noo just ourano will be good enough for me :joy:


I concur (20 characters)


I just broke through to top 100 and still using a 20 allo, 19 indom and 15 rex :joy: i need better dinos


Lvl 18 Rex rocks! I level it parallelly to my Indom.


Im just tryin to get to a indo lol im literally the only person up here probably without one…i just a won a game vs a magnapyrit and a indo on the opposing team. I got lucky neither crit my stegod :joy:


Indoraptor is the devil! I managed to defeat one or two and they are fortunately not that frequent around 4200 trophies. Monomimus oughta be the perfect counter as I heard, but I’m still working on that one. Nullifying attacks and damage decreasing attacks offer a good possibility to deal with that beast.


2 weeks goin at midday in south spain, at 45-50° drinking like 10 bottles of water in a day just for get those stupid dilos i refused to catch when they was everywhere haha


I know that feeling too well. Ugh I regret ignoring all those dilos and dimetrodons. On lucky days I might get 2 or 3, but that’s it. I get more excited seeing a dilophosaurus than a trex. LMAO.

Seen 8 trex today and 1 dilophosaurus …