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Ouranosaurus spawns


So the other day I bought an epic scent and walked around a bank in Zone 2 hoping to get a bunch of ourano because it spawns in Zone 2 and “nests” in banks. I never got one. Wasted 20 minutes trying to find an ourano because I kid you not haven’t seen one since the last event it was in. I’m trying to get dilorach but it’s actually impossible because I seriously cannot find a single ourano. My dilorano is level 18 and I live in Zone 1, so it’s easy to get dilo and deino, but I cannot find ourano at all. Haven’t even gotten it in an incubator. How am I supposed to get it when ourano runs from me?
Let me know what your suggestions are below.
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I live in L2 and seem to see more Ourano at night. I see them during the day too but i don’t even know how many times I’ve run out the door after midnight to go get an Ourano down the road. Sometimes i find 2 or 3 of them late at night when i go out to just do strike events real quick.

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I’m really sorry to hear that, cause ever since the update my neighbourhood has been flooded with them, today I caught 4 in the wild, 3 within one hour, that must have been some extreme luck, but I ussually see one every other day

And I agree that you should try to hunt them at night, bigger chance, plus I’ve definitely seen more of them at that time

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Ourano must be the rarest epic… I almost have my first unique and still not even a level 15 ourano, and i really badly want dilorano. My dilo is ready and even my deino is almost ready to fuse diloracherius. But… No Ourano…

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Really wish they would be nice and put it in the upcoming alliance missions. But nooo


Would you happen to know what arena you can get ourano in? I may decided to drop arenas just for the dna (don’t worry I wouldn’t use unfair teams)


ourano is arena 2. although i wouldnt recommend dropping for that. you will get like 10 dna per 8 hours. it will take you forever

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Use epic scents at night. Gives you the best odds of Ourano in local 2. However no guarantees as secondo likes to troll you.

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I used an epic at the park today and got 2 ourano… When I wanted Anky or Darwin…

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