Ouroboros boss event and amber

Did anybody check out how this works out? Are your own bosses available for the battles and how are the amber rewards? I will check it out later tonight (still at work), but I got so curious that I would like some hints.


Unfortunately some forum members have complained their game crashes when trying to do this, so it might take a while.

Same here also

There is a lot of extra DNA to be earned in this tournament… FYI. Use the boss battle… deal about 10 million in damage and you should be able to claim it all (that is probably more than needed)

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I posted it in another thread but there are screenshots that i made during my first try (for second i defeated one level because snake was level 70).

Amber limit is 100k I think, after this battle closes so the best thing to do is really making huge amount of damage, not trying to get as much amber as possible like me, that was my mistake I’ll admit :worried:


You have more stamina than me @_Indoraptor_9. I got Ouroboros to level 44 and then had had enough.

All the damage I did counted though, so I am now halfway through the 200K damage target

And one more boss battle will get me close to the end of the 300K one, I expect.


So you can use a boss two times only? Best to save it for the deal 200 or 300 k damage then?

there are several extra DNA grabs: 400k damage, 500k, 600k (twice, I think) and 700k (twice, I think)

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So how to fullfill those missions if not with a boss? Or are those missions not part of the ordinary missions? Sorry, didn’t have time to start yet, so I’m totally in the dark.

If my phone had more batery when I started I feel like I would get to level 99 but after some time it gets so boring :sleeping:. I think i found glitch with juggernaut. I was using power move that heals and give health boost. At one point i quit game because I needed small break from this. My trike had around 33k health when I leaved. But when I came back from nowhere it had + 20k health. Shame that I didn’t capture this but I swear something was wrong. At one point my trike had over 100k health wich I’m sure I didn’t get with using power move.


I think these are missions for both kinds of battles. How to complete them? I have no idea theres no way that i get 400K damage even with savannahs. (Well maybe there is but it would take much more time than level 70 boss fighting as boss and I have tournament to do so it’s complete NOPE for me.

If it is true we can only use a boss twice, I think I will wait almost until the end of the missions… Please post if there is something useful to report.
Edit: I see Sionsith is posting under World boss information thread. Any posts related to this should be posted there.


It works for me now and i have around 45k amber from doing the event