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Out of all the creatures that need a nerf

They nerf the parasaurolophus lux! He can no longer attack all opponents! I love that healer I have him on level 23 now, why out off all the nerf suggestions on this forum do you look through your list of creatures and think “I know let’s take that away from the lux even though it has no impact in pvp and doesn’t affect the Ballance of the game, you ruined him, he glows in the dark and everything an you do that to him lol I’m gutted!

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You do realize that’s probably a buff right?

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It’s definitely a nerf, but I think it was intended to be more of a fix than a nerf, since only the boss versions of dinos are allowed to have primal attacks it seems. That said, Parasaurolophus Lux definitely didn’t need to be any worse. I wouldn’t say it’s ruined though, Lux just wasn’t too special to begin with.


Your probably right. I was adding boosts too him hoping he would be helpful to my clan as I have him spawn quite frequently and no one else does, I think he’s good if supported with a group attack increase, the lesser group heal followed by the emergency group heal tends to keep the team healthy, apart from apex raids, apex raids he’s just like the goat in Jurassic park 1

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It’s a fix. The 2.3 patch notes state it is supposed to have Group Cleansing Strike. That said, the change wasn’t communicated in the 2.5 patch notes which is just bad form.


Honestly, with the change to GCS, it’s more of a buff, especially with raids. It now will likely not get hit if the boss counterattacks.