Out of bounds?

The Dimorphodon Is clearly within my range yet


Its the range to the creature itself not its spot on the ground - if you wait until it is in the half of the circle closest to you, you should be able to launch on it

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Oh, I didn’t know that…
Ah, it sucks now it’s not there anymore😒

I never got the boost event because it wasn’t in my circle. I don’t always get all the strike events either. Getting the same Dino’s over and over. Never have Drac, The new deer or rares and epic. There’s gotta be a change for me somehow. I can’t leave the house. I really needed the boost.

at least it isn’t a pteranodon. Dimorphodon sucks

Yo, dude, I got to complete my daily missions and contribute to my alliance, and every little counts lol😂

Well, truth to be told, I never got to dart Tenontorex… I could have easily complained about it, reached out for support, but I knew it was a waste of time and I kept quiet…
I’m not exactly working towards it either, but it’s still a shame I never got to dart it just because it was out of range😣