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Out of curiosity, how many work? And if it is correct, how difficult is it to be active in the game?

I only say it because I do not work and I see that many people do work, for me it is already quite difficult to be active (it does not mean that it is not) the players who work and are active have my respect

  • I work
  • i study
  • None

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I work and am very active, but it depends on what the employment is.

Of course whilst working i’m not active in the sense of walking around town darting dinos, but very active in every other respect.

I work full time in retail. I’m in a relationship, have hobbies other than JWA and I’m very active in the game - although casual rather than competitive. I find time to play when I’m on a lunch break, when I get a day off, when I’m sat on the sofa, watching Youtube, in bed before I got to work and before I go to sleep.

Raids I find awkward due to Alliance members not being about at the same times I am or when I’m free.


I work from 6pm-5am, 4 (sometimes 5) days each week. I work on an assembly line and am sometimes on a job that gives me no free time throughout the night.

So I can’t be that active on days I work. If I’m lucky, I can get my DBI battles in and the strike towers, but I won’t be able to dart much. I’ll pop some 5 min scents before bed most nights.

I’m more active on days I don’t work.


its also hard for me to do raids because of my work schedule too. I can do Sino on Mondays since I’m off, but the others are more difficult to manage.

School takes a lot of time, but otherwise I’m active

I work and am married with two kids. I’m not as high-leveled as some, but after two years, I have one viable dinosaur for M-Rex. Easy, no; possible, yes.

Mon-Thu I do housework till 10AM.
Do all strike events and SD’s and get home around 11:30ish.
Then battle/Giga scent/Raid till wife gets home.
Sounds great until…
Until cruising becomes safe again, I’m at either Jekyll Island, a park, a beach or some random place the wife wants to go to and I can’t say anything because she will say “You played that game all week! It’s MY time!”

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I work. The key is to make the most of your time.

Just make sure incubators are always stocked.

I also make excuses to get out the office (not possible ATM for obvious reasons) for extra darting time. Needed biscuits or a parcel sending? I’ll quite happily do that for a quick wander through town to throw some darts and spin drops