Out of curiosity


…how much real money have you spent on this game?


More than I probably should have lol


Less than $20 ($9.99 ViP, $1.99 LvUp Offer, $4.99 LvUp Offer).


That’s $10 every month, right? Not just a 1 time fee?


Yep, the VIP is $9.99 per month.
I myself have not spend any real money. Imwaiting to collect 4500 cash so that I can buy the vault of coins.so far I have 1200 in cash.


I was really happy paying as I’ve got into walking and done 385km in 2 months. Spent £75. I keep expecting to pay when the one time offers happen but last 7 have been dire.

Like why would I want this for getting to Jurassic Ruins. If Ludia keep offering things like this I guess they only want to sell vip. Only thing I need is coins. 10000 coins won’t change anything.


Like 70 or 80 bucks at this point and at 4500 trophies