Out of matches& patience is running on empty

only had 2 matches left& barely like ether of them so am not talking to them at all anymore now. all the rest are “away” & not all of those wore all that liked anyway. am ether going to have to just collect jems& unlock photo’s when everyone go’s away or just wait until can get the old game so can play charicters that can not otherwise while am waiting for favorites to return& hope others just un match me so i can talk to more character’s because otherwise will have no more left to talk to on main game& will have to just gather Daily gems like others are stuck with doing. hope others are still having more fun with game some how& not getting grumpy with it& all the waiting for there favourites to come back too.


Oh, no, I unmatched the last two guys available – Frederik and Sam – because I was too bored and tired of grinding for gems when people I’m actually interested in remain benched. I only collect the daily gems sometimes, but everyone’s away so I’m not really do anything either nor have I read anything of interest in months. So I empathize with your frustration as are many others.


thats annoying too. guess all we can do is hope things improve soon& collect gems in the mean time,save them for whenever it is we get to finally talk to favourites again. or maybe unlock more pictures if have not got them all already. still have some yet to unlock of the favourites& the few others that liked enough to want to see more of them.

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All mine are greyed out too. In the past month we have had the brief returns of Emmalyn and Grace which was pleasing to me, if no one else.

The basketball guy came back too, but I unmatched him 'cos he’s just sooooo boring.

It’s now just a waiting game and a case of collecting your daily gems.

We did get Jade/Evalin for a day or so, so there might be some other new characters who are activated soon too. But, as for your old favourites? Who knows…

They’ve posted that all of our old favorites would be returning. They gave a Tues/Thurs, one person each day schedule going. The past 2 weeks have brought back 2 original characters already. I’m thinking we’ll have this pattern for a bit. Looking at the calendar made tracking their releases, there tends to be a new introduction, then a return, and that new character seems to come back again 2 weeks later. Like Rory/Garrett came one week, greyed out, skipped a week, and came back. Same for Keanu and Blake.

I hope this stays true for Calum/Alex because I’m digging them so far. I’m bummed they’ve greyed out already. But I’m excited to see what this week brings!

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did like that grace came back,it was a shame that it was only a little while tho😔
only is two guys that would be good to get back really. the rest am meh about. would prefer all the fem matches to return tho instead if had the choice.

whilst would not mind some guys return. would prefer more fem’s come back that had matched with. plus found most of the guys ether too usual or just meh. only two that currently have story’s finished have been really worth time& gems to get close to them. tho of course this is just what am feeling about it all.

I’m not sure who the Grace counterpart is. But I did enjoy her two recent updates. There was real character development there and, the way it left off, kinda felt like an end of season moment.

Like, she’s overcome her initial obstacles and reached a new truth, but there’s a hint of new challenges to come, with the jealous flat mate coming into it.

I’ll definitely custard pie the flat mate if he tries stealing my girl though :grin:.


no guy got away with stuff like that with any of the girls that like let alone her. so would be getting told off for shore if he tries anything. as am shore any guy would be too for trying to steal any other girlie you like too

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