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Out of non-hybrids, which one lasted on your team the longest?

For me, that was velociraptor. I didn’t think a common would last as long as it did. It killed an erlidom in ruins once, and was my go-to for all those miragaias. I did end up replacing it, but I still use it in strike towers.

What was your longest lasting non-hybrid before you moved on?

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I think it was Erliko Gen2. Before the immune meta, that 75% distraction came in handy.

Diplodocus. I even boosted him lol. When boosts were super cheap for the first couple tiers

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Erlikosaur, Rampage and Run, classic combo!

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The last nonhybrid on the team was erlik. I remember it was able to take out spinotahsuchus back when it was a big threat

Brachiosaurus or pteranodon

Carbonemys, that 60% armor really help me to defeat procerathomimus, i used it until low aviary then i met the nitro Thor.


Tany. It was on my team until about December.

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i cant remember honestly. id have to scroll through over a year of FB messages to find what my team was.

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I can’t remember that far back.


I had Brachiosaurus on my team for quite a while, up until I reached Aviary. I loved its 30% crit rate, especially combined with its high health and 10% armor stat. That way, it could survive more hits while also dishing out extra damage with critical hits.

Marsupial lion. When I first started playing he was my star dino

Lil Kapro. Still on my team and I miss him in the tournament.


I was waiting for you to show up

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We all expectef it

Carbonemys, it lasted until sorna marshes where I changed it with tragodistis


Tragod has been in my team since lockdown and I planto have him till endgame

My last normal creature is velociraptor. I still use it but may replace it with I do g2 or maxima

Tyrannosaurus Rex, lasted with the Legendaries in Jurassic Ruins till Tryo replaced it

Sinoceratops definitely, before i had rework