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Out of non-hybrids, which one lasted on your team the longest?

T-Rex or Raptor, both lasted on my team until I reached Ruins

Koola G2. Level 23.

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Nice, koolasuchus g2 is cool

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I can’t remember but I want to say Ourano… I remember wanting to be done with Velociraptor so I looked for something to switch it with, it was gone pretty early, I have used brachiosaurus but it wasn’t around when I was in Sorna marshes (at the time this was a big arena lol).

Giraffatitan had to bench it once boosts were reset.


Either Baryonyx or Secodonto

Same with my brother he is in ruins with a lvl 10 marsupial lion lol

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Its been a long time but I’m pretty sure miragaia was my last non hybrid teamed.

If I’m not wrong it was Charlie, used it until Ruins. Was when Stat Boosts were still cheap, had 140 speed with around 1300 attack

Rex. He was my chomper until I unlocked Allosino

Velociraptor. Had it until ss was introduced

Delta over here. Fast speed and the impact and run option helpt her to stay a long time in my team.

Although i have been actually playing for less than a month. But this one non-hybrid creature has been on my team ever since i had a full roster of 8 dinos. My awesome Meiolania
And she will remain in my team for a lot longer.

Tenonto before it got nerfed and was given a hybrid - mine is level 20

Starting to level stuff for tournaments and post boost reset I will be restructuring my team to include more rarities - not sure yet whether a non hybrid will get in - my Rexy is only 1000 DNA off L30 …

I kept Titanaboa 15 level till the ruins

Miragaia and tany, I used them until the boost rework if I remember correctly

Well, that was a trip down memory lane: I had to reference tier lists from two years ago.
I’m almost certain it was Kentrosaurus. I was running him alongside Indominus Rex, Stegoceratops, Gorgosuchus and Nodopatosaurus, I forget what else. Those were the days…

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Stegosaurus, which I dropped when I finally created stegodeus like two years ago during the Raptor vs SS meta. Went all the way to marshes with him.

Wow that’s been a long time now.

By the way an update on my brother in ruins with a marsupial lion it is now lvl 11

Erliko. Was my favorite epic to have and got me through most of the arena(boosted of course)