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Out of Range Epic Event

Thank you Ludia for depriving me of playing the epic incubator event since it is very far from my game range and in my country it is 23:00 at night. It is unfortunate that I cannot access that battle since the coins would serve me to climb my dinosaurs.

I can see 3 - all clumped together - in the distance. I really wish they’d code these things so that they appear more spread out.


I only see 1, way off in the distance…

No worries. Happens to all of us.

They should code them to spawn during waking hours… I know while it’s 11 pm where I’m at it’s a different time around the world, but either code them to spawn during everyone’s “day” or back to 24 hours…

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If it doesn’t spawn until late for you, get them in the morning, that’s what I do.
Surely nobody sleeps for 12 hours…
And if you do that’s probably your fault you can’t get the epic strike lol

I do not intend to give me an incubator, I would just like it to be in my area to be able to fight the battles, and win it.


Yep, none near me either - Unless I want to get in the car and go for a drive. Absolutely nothing within walking distance. They really do need to figure out how to code this better. Had tons of the lower level tower near me, just none of epics.

Oh well, just a pocket dino game. Best not to get worked up over it.

Again, distribution of Towers, Green Stops is unbalanced.

While I can see 2 million green stops of apatosaurus near me, the day Irritator comes to green stops I only see one every 10 Km.

Or Epic Towers… one day I have 3 near me. Another one the nearest one is 5 Km away… It is ridiculous.

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Well I was hoping it would travel throughout the night, I’ve had them pop up in my circle before after not being there, but sadly no. So it’s a strike I’ll miss…

It’s not a matter of how long someone sleeps, it’s that at 10 pm I’m in the house, whether I’m in bed or not my day is over and I’m not going to get in the car to drive down the road to try to do a 5 strike event. I live in the country, there is no walking distance and there is no pull over here and do the strike event. I have also been home with my kids since this pandemic started So I can’t get up and try to run out before 9 or 10 whenever it disappears to try to do it either. So if it’s not within my circle during these hours, I don’t get to do it. And that goes for a lot of people who are still on lockdown.


i needed that bary and money tho, along with blue and brachi

I’ve suggested it before, but why can’t they just have a strike event at every orange drop?
That way every drop would be event dinos or strike event, instead of having half of them be useless

Well the boost stole is out of range today too, and I have 3 green drops, all commons… That figures, I haven’t got a single rare event drop in my circle the last 2 months when there were good dinos I needed…

Like I’ve said at the beginning of all this. Ludia should’ve used my idea. They thought the swing shift was better.


that is very good, it would also leave more areas for green supply drops which are better.

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