Outstanding, Outstanding, and yep, more Outstanding


I realize that they must have changed some of the dino darting criteria. Many have gotten super easy to dart since the update.

But I also see they really lowered the criteria for “Excellent” and “Outstanding” as well.

I am getting “Outstanding” on over 85% of every dino I shoot in every rarity now.

Wonder if this is intended and staying or a glitched side effect of the update?

Not complaining, but it does seem entirely too easy to get now. Before it was more like an achievement when you got it. I still got “Outstanding” around 20+ times a day previously. Now it’s more like 70-100 times a day depending on if I’m out over an hour or not.

Anyone else noticing this. And are you happy about it or do you miss the challenge as well?


It’s nice to feel special☺️


I love it haha.


It does play a nice little tune! If you have your sound on lol.


Yes, it appears the 1.4 update intends to make the game easier for the general players and keep them motivated.

The DNA requirements for Outstanding has been definitely lowered, though you don’t get any coins now for this achievement like long back.

The dart points have shifted for some creatures like Para and they move slower/with less jerk.


Noticed Allo is a whole lot smoother to dart now as well. That used to the only common that “Outstanding” eluded me on indefinitely. Not anymore lol.


All those Outstandings, but no gold :sweat_smile:
Be nice to have that back.


I think the lag during encounter has been minimised resulting in more time and accuracy.