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Outwit rather than Over-power/speed in PvP

With the recent new creatures, my game strategy has changed from trying to over power or over speed my opponents to outwitting them through strategy based on what ever 4 critters I get handed.

My current team is this which I think is fairly well rounded and balanced but not over powering with any huge damaging shield breakers.

The objective is “Death by 1000 cuts”. Rather than looking at what I can put in to one-shot the opponent creatures, it’s how to mitigate their damage and whittle them down. I swap when needed to save a death and hopefully swap into something that can counter the creature that is there.

I’ve had decent success and still learning with trial and error. It makes for longer matches but have fun making the attempt to outwit others. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. There are certain creatures these flocks and scorpius’s have a hard time with, but I enjoy the challenge of trying.

The thing is, I can handle the boosted Indominus’s that most everyone has on their teams in my trophy range that are 2 levels higher than my team members. They can’t just cloak and take my flocks out in one swipe. Cloaking is a waste as it just gives me a chance to whittle them down more. If they pull a Thor that can take out my entire flock on its second move, I generally have a Scorpius I pull on them for that 2nd move or if not, sacrifice the flock or swap in a damager and hope for a stun.

I’ve had fun with these flocks and Scopius’s. It’s brought some new life to PvP.


Commitment. Have u boosted them?

Yes it is. If not, it is 10× more balanced than mine cough cough ranged from lvl 16 to 21 lol

I made it into Avairy now with this team. The last person I played had a couple of speedy boosted creatures one and two levels higher than me. That was a death by a thousand cuts battle as he spent most his time battling my unique compy’s that I swapped out and brought back in. I had both Rhinos to which I used to swap in. I had Scorp G3 but didn’t get a chance to use it.