Over 400 lost DNA!


Today I had just gotten enough DNA to level up my steggo and now ITS GONE!!! What the heck?!?!?!


Dont lvl it anymore. You need that dna for stegocera and stegod…both are 10x better.


It’s easy to say save it for Stegocera and Stegod, but you also have to take in to consideration whether they easily find the other dinos.

I rarely ever find Trike or Nodosaurus in my area. I only really get small amounts, like 7 or 10 for Trike from incubators, and Nodo I see once in a blue moon.

Then you got to question is it worth letting Stego dna build up when you almost never come across the other dinos to get dna, not only to level them up, but then to fuse and level the Stegocera and Stegod.


Still say its better. I have nodos here like crazy and when they migrate again he could then get them and ill be without…the grind for steg dna is real


How often is the migration?


Just to be sure… have you fused other dinos before to evolve your stegoceratopo?

This happened to me sometimes :sweat_smile: seeing the up arrow on Einasuco and Majungasuco and then assuming to be able to make both, but they both require nundasuco’s dna so as soon as I fuse for Einasuco, I don’t have enough dna to fuse Majungasuco then.


This happened to me before very weird


Man I got a stego or 2 EVERY time I open up the game… I’m not worried about not having more dna… just pissed the game jacked 400 of my earned dna…


When you make stegod it cost 500 dna a fusion for stego :sweat_smile:


I’m not worried about collecting more dna, I got stegos diplos and apatos a plenty, and I have stegodeuse already…I just don’t want to keep losing DNA that I didn’t spend