Over 60 Alliances + 3 Level 20 Sanctuaries = Your PerFIT alliance! Join an active alliance today

Take the guesswork out of finding your next alliance. In ARK you can easily find a welcoming and friendly alliances that share the same gameplay style as you. 60+ alliances are searching for both hardcore and casual players.

Finding an alliance is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Browse the ARK Recruitment Board or, chat with one of our ARK mods on Discord or Ludia Forums, and they can introduce you to our alliance recruiters. At ARK, we make it easy for you to find your next long-term alliance.

Supported languages: English, Spanish, German, French (Quebec), Japanese

About ARK & ARK Alliances

ARK is a coalition of many alliances working strategically to provide you with the latest strategy to elevate your gameplay and become part of the teams that build the fastest sanctuaries in JWA with no waste. You spend your FIT (Food, Interactions, and Toys) on the dinos of your choice.

ARK alliances are:

Hardcore players benefit from:

  • 10/10 in Alliance Missions Rewards
  • 2-3 Level 20 Sanctuaries
  • Top 100 Tournament Teams
  • Join a team of battlers just like you!

Casual players benefit from:

  • 10/9 - 9/8 alliances
  • 1-3 Level 20 Sanctuaries
  • Top 100-200 Tournament Teams
  • Join a group of hybrid players that both like to battle and hunt.

Weekend warriors, you are welcome to join in on Tournament strategy! This is advantageous for those too busy to play during the week but can do great things on the weekend. Many perks come with this. Talk to us, and we will find the right alliance for you.

Talk to us on:
Ludia Forums


With over 60 alliances now in ARK we are ready for raids! Join the largest organized raid groups in JWA. We are also cleaning up a few sanctuary pens to welcome in the newest dino additions.

Looking for a new active alliance? Come join us one of our partnered alliance in ARK.

Message us on:

Not on Discord, don’t worry message us here.

Or browse the ARK Recruitment Board

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Happy Monday! We have several active alliances looking for players of all levels. Both casual and hardcore alliances available with 2-4 level 20 sanctuaries to build up your core team.

Become part of something more and find active players just like you. If you have any questions about the latest updates or need help building your core team, our community of players are here to help.

Form friendships, find strategy, and experience JWA in a new fun way.

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ARK is an awesome alliance finding group. helped me alot. Join while you can. don’t want to miss out.

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On it’s way up to the top LittleFoot is recruiting players who want to strive for more. This semi-hardcore alliance has 3 level 20s sanctuaries. You will find strategic, fun, and determined players that obtain the most out of the game while still having fun. Chat with LittleFoot to learn more about joining a team of active players.


Teoria de Caos. Top ranking alliance on it’s way to becoming a top 10 contender. This alliance is mainly for Spanish/Bilingual players. One of the most active and strategic alliances. Open spots are limited and very rare. They have teams ready to take on the Mortem Rex with ease. If you are a raider and heavy in to tournament, you will find a large group of players that are just like you.

Alianza de alto rango en camino de convertirse en un contendiente entre los 10 mejores. Esta alianza es principalmente para jugadores españoles / bilingües. Una de las alianzas más activas y estratégicas. Los espacios abiertos son limitados y muy raros. Tienen equipos listos para enfrentarse al Mortem Rex con facilidad. Si eres un raider y te gusta mucho el torneo, encontrarás un gran grupo de jugadores que son como tú.

Manda mensaje a Kuski.

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Play hard :mechanical_arm:: with 49 other players just like you and join an alliance in the top 10. At “Timmy What Is It” it’s not a grind to reach top-level rewards. Every player is active and committed to obtaining the best rewards JWA has to offer.

This alliance is for those who want more out of a team, not just in strategy but in friendship and friendly banter.

Talk to Jonnycapes

Join My Alliance “Timmy What Is It”.

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BoneWars is on the hunt for new players. Their many perks include 3 level 20 sanctuaries, Tier 10 alliance rewards, and T8-T9 tournament rewards.

This friendly team is lead by several leaders that will welcome you in like family. Message Keylun to join.

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Raiding alliances are looking for players who enjoy a large community of active and friendly alliances. We support each other, raid together, and FIT our massive level 20 sanctuaries.

With 80+ alliances in ARK, finding an alliance that fits your gameplay style has never been easier. Let’s raid together!

It’s crazy how much ARK has grown since I joined back in January and how many teams have come to call ARK home. I love it. :muscle::100:

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The Alliance Resource Kommunity continues to grow. With over 90 alliances, there is an alliance with access to 3+ level 20 sanctuaries for everyone.

Active raiding alliances, social community sanctuary farm with 12+ sanctuaries.

Come visit us on Discord.

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DL is that you? :wave:

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@Carl_Stevens you might want to check here for a new alliance.

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