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Over $60 for a level up deal is too much


Just got to level 10 and was offered a one-time only level up offer for £45.99 GBP ($61.10 US equivalent).

Yes, it wax 4X value which is great, (so worth £183.96 on the market normally) but it’s still too much money to be asking for in one go.

If the offer was 4x value but around £10 I would have taken it.

Just give us some cheaper deals (maybe allowing us to select one from a range of prices) when we level up please.

The most tempting part was the 7,000 cash and 260,263 coins. I can get a guaranteed Legendary dino from the market for 5,000 cash when the special Legendary incubator goes on sale so I was tempted I’m not going to lie…


Oh, congrats for reaching Player LV 10 … I did not receive any offers since LV 3 anymore …


Oh man, that is really tempting! I think I got a $10.00 offer, but I declined 'cause I’m strap for cash. But even the in-game cash offers are good…if only it wasn’t over what I had or wouldn’t suck down 90% of what I got.


I don’t recall getting that exact deal but and have an issue with needing 130,000 coins to level up but only having 45,000. I hope they offer something at level 11, I need to take it.


This offer seems decent, but I haven’t had any showing up since Lv 3.


Most common offer from lvl 10 to then on, had 10-12 being 49.99 bundles so far. Most likely the less dollared bundles stop after 9? Play with others they had the exact same deals as well.


The highest I’ve done is the 10euro offer, but I will never go any higher for a mobile game.


These are about the only ones that are worth the money. 7000 in game cash is $49 by itself so getting $50 in coin and the DNA is worth it but costly. Just FYI it’s the same every level from 10 up


One would think if they lowered the prices they would sell more, and even at a lower price point make more money.

Not spending $60+ every time I level up.


I didn’t pay for the level 9 cause it was like 70odd nz that’s just a rip I have brought the others but I have a feeling level 8s 1 time offer was the last one I was paying for


Do you regret it now? I skipped a couple deals and now I’m stuck with needing 140,000 coins to level up what I have at the moment. Maxing out the supply drops only gets me about 9,000 per day plus $40. Plus the battles and incubator coins it’s still only 11,000 or so. Not that I can’t be patient and wait a couple weeks to level them up. But after a couple weeks I’ll need 200,000 more :grimacing:

But yeah, that does seem like a lot at one time.


Each level up reward costs £45 after level 10…


No, I would really appreciate the coins and cash but I’ve already spent £65 on this game (more than a full price Xbox game) so I won’t spend anymore.

If I reach the point where i can’t upgrade my dinosaurs without grinding coins for weeks I’ll probably just stop playing.

Been debating unistalling it this past week anyway as the initial excitement of collecting lots of different Dinosaurs has worn off and it feels like a boring grind now.


The only way that most people can afford to be doing well in this game… Is by hacking it or they are able to purchase almost everything from making YouTube videos and making some money from it…


Completely understand. But that may also be a function of doing too much too fast. I’ve slowed down a bit and some days just open supply drops when on the subway or driving (not a recommendation).

Battles are still fun. But no need to uninstall. Step away for a few days. Besides, I hunk there are changes coming. Just like POGO is much better than 2years a go


Yeah, some days I’m only doing some Matches and opening Arena Incubators … not hunting 5 hours every day.


5 hours? Yeah, cut back.

Also, I reached a level where unexpectedly, I lost the need for coins. My level 16 Euplo needed 15,000to level up. I used them elsewhere but continue to catch it. Had enough DNA to level up twice. Then my Amargasaurus reaches level 10 and I could fuse an Amargplocepjokus (good grief, who can remember how to spell these). Did that a bunch and now I don’t have enough Euplo DNA to level up from 9 to 11 when I didn’t think I would ever get to 10. Fusing gives the best XP.


I stopped buying the 1 time offer at level 9 I can’t remember how much it was but it was above what I was willing to spend I have already dropped an easy 200 so far but no more


Haha, with the same money I just pre-ordered Fallout 76.