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Over 8.000 cash missing in one night

Hi. From one day to another almost 8.000 cash was missing. I bought the up-level offer for almost USD 45 and is lost. How can it be ¿? I do appreciate some help here please.

Hey there, @Jorge_Arango_Velasco, I’m sorry to hear that your cash disappeared! In order to take a closer look at your account and see what might have happened, reach out to our support team at If you can include your support key, as well as the title of the game you were playing, then our team will be better able to assist you. Thanks!

and the same happened to me I wrote to the ludia for two days but nothing happens! they don’t even answer!

They are really behind. Expect a week or so before getting a reply. You might find this surprising, but they have had a large influx of support tickets. I know it stinks to be stuck in limbo but they will get to your ticket eventually.