Over and over again


I’m always moaning about not being able to get I rex yet… But since the t rex spawns everyone seems to have 1 but me and its the same thing every game, we are on a draw 2-2 and I think maybe I’ll get this win and what do you know, here comes I rex, cloaks, dodges all attacks and wipes out anything I put in, it’s getting repetitive now


And when you get the irex yours will never dodge!


That’s what I’m dreading
:joy::joy::joy: It’s like my stegoceratops never stuns yet they quad stun me


I thought it was just ME!!


I can’t hunting at night, so I don’t get enough raptor. I cannot figure out how the people I fight have level 22-24 Indoraptor! I mean… 500 raptor for a typical 10 fuse with T-Rex who’s rarely around my area 5 times for the IRex for one fuse at Indo, then another 2000 raptor and IRex for a lucky 20 fuse to try and unlock Indo. … It baffles my mind …
I need a good excuse to be out at night AND someone to drive me around! :joy: