Over level 60 but no unlock icon for gryposuchus tournament

Does anyone else have this problem? I may have missed something but I thought the cutoff for unlocking was level 60.

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Hi FluidGing3r, Have you just reached level 60 recently? The image you see might have spawned while you were LVL 59


Hey Keith! No, I have been 60+ For a few weeks now (currently at level 63). I have played a few of the recent bracketed tournaments and had no problem unlocking the creatures. Curious if anyone else is having the problem.

I see the unlock and Cenozoic symbol on my account in the top middle a little hidden from the pack and reward.

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I have the Jurassic symbol and no unlock feature :frowning: Maybe it’s just me

The team is checking.

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Thanks so much! Let me know if screenshots or anything may help

Keith, I’m not sure if it was the team or my game simply updated, but the iconography has been fixed! The event is now Age of Mammals with the Cenozoic symbol and unlock! Thank you very much for your quick response and help! Have a great rest of your day!