Over leveled commons

I’m sure these are bots I’m facing, but I’d like to check it out here to see if people really do this. So excluding Tany and V-Rap, why am I facing level 17-22+ commons in Lockdown constantly? I mean especially since some of these have legendaries like Allo and Stego. Who would spend so much coin boosting them up instead of banking for legendary levels? Unless I’m just against bots all the time which would explain why I get push so many trophies down. Any insight?

My allosaurus lvl 22 do the job as a heavy hitter and its DNA is very easy to collect! And no, I’m not a bot :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting, so why not save the DNA and coin for Allosino? Admittedly I would like to level Tarbo to 20+

The problem is to fuse for legendary, you often need epic that is hard to get. I have plenty of Utahraptir DNA for utahsino and Allosaurus DNA for allosino, but I can’t get enough sino to level up to a 15. I’m close, but it’s taking me forever. So why not use the common for now if it works in your team?


Because Sinoceratops is very rare where I walk usually and I don’t have the time to crisscross the town to find its DNA. Same thing for T-Rex, in a few years, with some luck, I will probably be able to have my Indoraptor :slightly_smiling_face:


In regards to finding Sino in the wild, I’ve found that if you are able to find one, you will probably find her again the next day around the same time and within the same 500 to 1500m vicinity. They also spawn a few times a day within said area. That’s how I accumulate my Sino dna.

And while I’ve heard people saying that Sino is likely to appear at gas station, that’s only happened twice for me, the rest of the time they tend to spawn at parking lots of office buildings.

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I got a Sino in an incubator a long time ago and DNA for it about three weeks ago with the weekly featured dinosaurs, never in the wild!

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@Piere87 you are brilliant my friend…
I wish all these people complaining about nerfing everything that’ beats them could take a page out of your book. :clap:t4:

Same here! Am in exactly the same situation. Have leveled my Alosaurus to level 19, because I can’t get a hold of Sino…

By the way, you can’t find Sinoceratops in the wild, it’s an arena exclusive. It appears in arena incubators and special events only… Obviously, to get it in arena incubators, you need to reach Jurassic Ruins (Arena 8, i.e. 4,000 trophies or more)…

Today i darted three…lucky me…but they are not arena exclusive

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There are few arena exclusive dino and sino is not one of them.

You can find it at anytime in L1 area or they are supposed to be found near gas station too.
My gf even got one in her common scent…

I find Sino maybe once a month if I’m lucky and rarely ever get her from an incubator. I see Mono even less than that.

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That’s not true. I’ve darted it.

I stand corrected, you are absolutely right. Sorry for the misinformation! Was under the impression that it was an exclusive, because I have never come across one in the wild…

Sino is a rare epic local 1 zone spawn. I live and work in local 1. I’ve accumulated enough Sino over the last few months to have a Utasinoraptor at level 19 and enough Sino to get to 20. I’m just needing more Utahraptors at this point.

Yeah my allo is level 21 cause I like it :sweat_smile:


Trade ya! I see Utahraptors all the time!
I wish there was a migration of dinos from one local to another.

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Yes there are rare especially if you don’t live near the corresponding area :sweat_smile:

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Well I guess I stand corrected and they aren’t all bots after all. Consider my gameplay knowledge increased!