Over powered stegosaurus


Both attacks make the dinosaur faster and one being able to cleanse itself from negative effects! With the high attack and long life it is really hard to defeat it now and feel like it should be fixed


Stop moaning about every dinosaurs people… all moaned about raptors and cloak…
Now that’s been sorted moan about something else…
Just never happy


Use a dino with low speed and high attack/critical ratio likely Rex, Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Carnotaurus, etc. Their low speed makes Thagomizer useless.


I beg to differ. I had no problems with Velociraptors. I know how to handle them. And I also know how to handle a Stegosaurus, even now. But in comparisation Stegosaurus is now even more overpowered than Velociraptor ever was.


Stegosaurus is powerful now, but not overpowered like velociraptor once was, and here’s proof: Velociraptor was one of the best even in the highest arena. Now, Stegosaurus is weak in Arena 7. She’s a common, it’s only fair she doesn’t cut it in the highest arenas. But it’s proof that she does her job: she is powerful in lower arenas but useless in higher ones, just hybrid fodder.

However, tanks, in general… They went a bit too far, they are more OP than they should, but nothing game-breaking. Still better than the raptor meta.


Steg is the DPG’s logo. Don’t nerf an icon.


Your argument is valid. My conclusion was subjective. For a while I had Monolophosaurus as opener, which served me quite well for some time. But Stegos are just too tough for Mono now.


If stegosaurus is overpowered, so Stegodeus is over cheated! Right?


That’s because Mono relies on debuffs and Stego relies in self-cleansing, which makes her a counter. Mono is still valid against other kind of opponents, but her weakness is precisely immunity and self-cleansing.


My suchotator, dimetrodon and anky all kill stegos and others like it very easily. They really don’t give me issue, so I don’t know what you’re doing wrong.


Absolutely true. It’s been a little shock to me, how it became weaker in actual battle, even after she got buffed. More speed and a 2x attack just seemed to good to be true. Well, there goes nothing like adjustung strategy. Again ^^


So get Stegosaurus dna and level it up. Everyone has the same options for this dinosaur, it’s always everywhere. If it’s powerful to you, why not get it and use it.


It’s not really that hard to beat my level 20 wins sometimes loses others really depends on what you’re up against


When something becomes challenging it does not mean that they should weaken it to make it better for YOU. You should just improve your own team and adapt. So many whiners in the forums complain about dinosaurs being “overpowered” when they’re not.


I leveled up my Postimetrodon after the update and it’s been a great counter to all of the new stuff. It’s usually faster than anything with the slowing attacks too.


Stego isn’t op. Just use Sucho or T-Rex.


Is it just me or do you face in Arena 7 mostly Tanks and Raptors as well? Of course there are exceptions like Indominus, but still. And too often I am facing a team which has mostly the same dinosaurs as me. (Einiosuchus, Stegoceratops, Velociraptor, Indominus, Stegodeus… I am forced to use all my highest level dinosaurs to get onward towards Arena 8)
Considering that there are 112 creatures in the game as of now, it’s some kind of a pity, that diversity dies in Arena 7. Apparently it get’s revived later, when everyone has enough legendaries and uniques and wants to try them out, but checking the leaderbord diverity kinda dies again… :frowning: