Over/under on removing goat animation

I’m putting the over/under at 1 month before that goat feeding animation gets changed to an already butchered hunk of meat. What do ya’ll think?

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I hope so!

Why? What’s wrong with it?

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So u don‘t like seeing a goat getting killed and eaten? If I get u right? :sweat_smile:

Carnivores aren’t vegan, so let’s just keep it as nature intended: Goats on leashes!


Yes I do but it isn’t bloody and graphic. The relevant scene in Jurassic Park is worse.


So you want more blood?

Ever watch them savagely decapitate that peaceable celery that went into your salad? How about tearing the brussels sprouts right off that living plant! Not to mention brutally ripping living carrots right out of the ground. Or dumping freshly stripped string beans right into a bath of boiling hot water!

Talk about a gruesome scene.

Watching an animal perish at the hands of another animal is nature. Can’t bear to watch a carnivore do what a carnivore does? Don’t feed the animals, play with them instead.


It doesn’t need blood. For a game like this, the animation is fine.

Personally, I’m more concerned about all the old tyres being left laying around in there!


I want a blood and guts option


Don’t need blood-and-guts in this game. I have kids they don’t need to be seeing that .they’re like creating a A team. Need to change the rating to PG something if you put blood in.

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The goat is my favorite part of this update to be honest haha. It’s true to the original movies and practical food for a carnavore. Let’s not be too sensitive people.


Anyone who wants the goat kill removed does not understand or appreciate Jurassic Park

It’s not graphic, it’s true to the material, and it shouldn’t be a discussion


It was a joke

Let’s just keep the discussion civilized, guys.


Blood mode activated




I honestly don’t think it’s kids who would have the hardest time with it.

This. And honestly, it’s far better as a graphic image than the glorified violence in FPS games, although this thread isn’t an argument about comparisons.

Ok, when i started this topic i wasn’t trying to start a debate as to whether or not it belonged in the game. I literally asked how long ya’ll thought it was gonna be in the game with the way things are in this day and age and not a single response has been what i asked lol

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