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Overall disappointing


Let me just say guys that I really wanted to love this game. There is a great list of content out there from the Dungeons and dragons world of forgotten realms. I was so excited to see this release but the Devs really need to listen to the players. This game looses all appeal as soon as you realise you need to grind hundreds of hours against the same monsters in the same slow format or fall victim to countless micro transactions. I’m all about companies making money but do it with a good product. The only reason I keep coming back is because of the Dungeons and Dragons name and the history I have with it. This game lacks content and depth and truly relys on that brand name to keep you hoping for better. I have been following this game since it was released and it has gotten better but to little to slow. It’s just lazy to release a garbage game call it early acess and slowly alter the content. The changes are no brainers the Devs could have figured this out themselves. Like I said i wanted to love this and would gladly sing its praise when it realises its potential and you guys stop gouging.


During this period of beta testing, we understand that some of the changes that we need to test will not agree with our entire player base. We are constantly studying the performance of the game in terms of player activity and shared feedback, and try to make decisions that are best for the long-term success of the game. We want you to love this game for a long time.


More proof that they devs don’t actually want this game to go to full release.
Every single person has brought up the absolute insane cost to even play this game, yet the community managers keep saying they won’t fix it.
Look at the other thread by Froman with breakdowns of even going from level 9-10… And Froman was adamantly on the devs side!
The XP and gold costs get exponentially more

It’s a hard and fast paywall that is completely impossible to progress past. I’m certainly ok with paying to speed up progress, but I would literally need to skip a mortgage payment to level once.

Why did the devs choose to stop listening to the players?

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Im train to find help but any answer yet after im installed the game and arrived to the lvl 16 my down panel selection on the game stop to work and i can’t do anything else someone knows how to fix it??? Please i need help​:pray::pray::pray::pensive::pensive:


Please email at Include in your e-mail your account ID (in game’s options, bottom right), and our support team will help you out.