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Overboosted Thor

I find it funny how people are still dumping a majority of their boosts on a rather mediocre dino overall instead of evenly distributing among the team. While it’s good now, i cant wait until after the arena levels out :smiling_imp:


i see alot of overboosted tryos out there.

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I over boosted mine and have gained 300 trophies. Sometimes its not about how great the dino is overall. Sometimes uts about matchups. The more tanks we see, the more we need a chompers on our team.

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Ardentismaxima, Geminititan, and Smilonemys can all kill it easily. The main use for it now is honestly just for Tryko, Dioraja, and Grypo. And theres better dinos out there that can handle them, such as Spyx

Not easily. And only if they are near level and boost. Thor takes a huge chunk. Ardentis beats almost everything. But still. I dont use Thor that way. He is a finisher. Drop him in to finish one guy so then he has the big chomp for the next guy. If someone puts Ardentis against the big chomp, he wont last between the quick move and big chomp. Of course he can always try to shield, but I can chokp again instead in anticipation. And when Thor wins sometimes he wins big. Or wins and then at least saves his big quick move to take a chunk out of the next guy.

Thats pretty much how to use Thor optimally. Im just saying that Thor has a lot of weaknesses. Yes, it takes a chunk out of both longnecks, but thats besides the point. The fact that theres now tanks that give it a run for its money shows how far Thor’s fallen from grace. Once the arena balances out to the new boost system, those Overboosted Thors that are ruling the arena again are going to take a huge divebomb