Overly active skilled gamer lookin for a 9/9+ alliance

I am a very skilled gamer overall looking for a great alliance that takes this game seriously and does 9/9+ every week im tired of being one of max 6serious contributors that keep our alliance running at least 7/7 i want an alliance that wont slow my progress down with a ton of players that just sit on their asses and receive free rewards from my hard work.I attached screenshots of my account, im not buying cash or vip cuz im against paytowin style of gaming, i spin everything to the limit and over daily along with thousands of darts shot precisely.

You could join “The Order of the Raptor”. Contact Andy_83 on Discord and I will introduce you.

I need your discord four digits to add you.

Of course. That would be #4132

I already found a new home

I already found a new amazing alliance thanks for the offers everyone.