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Overly powered dinos- which do you find ridiculous?


I made a forum account purely as a space to vent my frustration about the apparent megagod that is the stegoceratops. Four opponents in five matches, decimate me with the blasted things. It seems absolutely ridiculous that they have THREE stunning moves. Their stats are difficult enough, but really? :persevere:

Any way, what’s the one dino you curse when you’re against? I’m sure everyone has their one.


Stunning by itself isn’t a problem. It’s the prevalence of it. Now that Raptors have been balanced out I just see stun spam teams now and it’s not fun to play against.


The stegotops stuns…
stegos debuff speed spam…

Yep since raptors were nerfed now it’s all just heavy weight armored Dinos and armor/shield breakers.
It’s a war of the titans, and not really fun to be apart of. Really arenas have never been fun, just frustrating.


I don’t find Stegoceratops that much a problem… I have one myself, and send it first for sure when I can. But, since a lot of players also have the habit of sending first their Stegoceratops, I often start my matches with Postimetrodon. It’s faster than Stegoceratops, immuned to all its negative effects, and can beat it in three turns, depending on the creatures levels. Now that I also have Indominus Rex (my first legendary!), which is also immuned, I tend to send it first since, precisely, it destroys Stegoceratops pretty easily.

Honestly, I still have more problems with Velociraptors… There might be something I don’t do right! :wink:


To answer your main question: I am in a strange place right now… I am at around 3000 - 3200 trophies, where I have no real big problem with any creature, except when I face the occasional legendary a player presumably just got… Legendaries are definitely one step ahead of epics, and it often takes me two creatures (too much) to beat them…


Stegoceratop’s stun move is way too OP!! Once you’re stunned, you’re done. It’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Since the rise of the Stegoceratops, my trophy count is dropping. :tired_face:

I’m working on my own, but It’s taking a while to level up since rare triceratops are truly rare.


Pretty sure that stegodeus is the worst out of the stego cousins. Slows, shield, stun, and armor piercing plus alot of health. All together the worst of the worst


definitely see stegoceratops and stegodeus being nerfed. several 100K coins wasted for a lot of us.

nothing should have more than 1 stun, much less 3. and stegodeus probably needs just an HP nerf. mine has 5001 HP and with 50% shield and 30 armor, if you don’t have a shattering rampage, even in arena 8, it can kill your whole team by itself.

also would like to see ankyntrosaurus removed from the game entirely.



Ill always send an immune or slowing dino as my opener, because i expect either Stegoceratops or irex, 3700 trophies (pre reset 4100), my only issue is when i face Stegoceratops 3+ levels since it also has massive health compared to my dinos and when rng doesnt give me any of my decent dinos


So I’ve got THAT to look forward to. :grimacing:


Stegodeus doesn’t stun @Baconatorsam

I love my stegoceratops and stegodeus. Since the dilorano-gate, I don’t think Ludia is gonna nerf big dinos anytime soon. And obviously it wouldn’t be fair.

Now my I-rex does wonders against them. And the posti is very efficient against the stegoceratops.

If you balance your team well, no dino is OP imo but yeah rng is a problem sometimes


It’s very annoying when they pull out their i-rex cloak, kill one of my team then swap dinos then swap right back to the i-rex next round and cloak again and kill. I landed 2 hits total in the match. None of witch were on the i-rex. Ludia needs to fix the spamming of cloak.


Love when they use the I-Rex cloak now. I just counter with Stegodeus and a shield. Gets less than 2K damage. Or I use my Koolasuchas Gen 2 and remove positive effects.

But my favorite is when they bring it out mid-game and I already swapped out a Dino with almost no health left. One shot to try and get through the cloak then swap in the weak one. When it dies bring back a faster Dino for the kill.


This shouldn’t be flagged, I hit the wrong button again.


Stegodeus IS op. So easy to overlevel, Defense shattering dinos cannot even take it down.


indoraptor and trykosaurus can


Whether Indo can win depends on rng, it will lose half the time if at same level.
Hundreds of dino and only two unique dinos can take it down? So fun.


remember this is jurassic world alive. only about 10% of the dinos are usable anyways.


Monostegotops needs a huge buff. Stegodeus needs superiority removed. Monomimus needs immunity removed.

Remove criticals and just increase base attack power for those dinosaurs with higher crit.

Add irritator to the wild so we can have magnapyritor as a viable tool.


I have one answer to this : :joy:

Wild guess : you don’t have a monominus and your monostegostops is 20+ ? It’s the only explanation to your comment I can think of :thinking: