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Overpowered chickens

I really enjoy playing the game. That being said, I also understand that there must be some strength for each character and some weakness. There are a couple of the super birds that are not showing much weakness. I think for a chicken to beat T-Rex in a straight up face to face is a little ridiculous. Scorpius is way overpowered, thus 50% of the time I fight 2 of them in a single PvP match, a Scorpius at 13 will defeat almost any 2 dinos at 15-17. As I stated, I love the game, but I would like to see a little more use of All the dinosaurs, not just chickens and Scorpius. Just my opinion. Have a nice day.

Scorpius has some pretty easy counters. Get a resilient type that removes its dodge. It has really low hp and relies on dodge to survive. If you do this, then you should be able to take it out with relative ease. Also, try choosing a creature that cannot have its damage reduced + precise attacks. Precise attacks destroy opponents who rely on dodge.

Veloshacos and other birds that dodge - similar tactic. They suck vs shields and most resilents could wreck them as long as they can put a shield up and remove dodge or use a precise rampage to take them out.

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