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Overspawn or total overkill ? you decide?

I know at certain times while playing the game we get a generous amount of dino;s running around spawning for us to dart and collect DNA from but OVERSPAWNING OR a total OVERKILL is something completely different entirely.!
Recently i have had a problem of one particular dino that has spawned so much it is a freaking nightmare run amok in the game, the dino i am referring to is the * EINIOSAURUS * ( pictured ) i expected a few of these to appear every now and then when they first started to appear some 14 days ago but getting a staggering 138 of them during that 14 days with as many as 12 of the beggars within the in game boundary in one instance is a freaking joke ! is this normal at all, somehow i do not think so, LUDIA is this a new glitch within the game or has the game gone crazy all of a sudden to spawn this many of one particular dino in such a short space of time ?? if anyone reading this has had the same or a similar problem with another type of dino i would be interested in hearing from you and any possible feedback that could help rid my game of this persistant pesky dino. i am chasing DNA from as many dinos as possible but how can that happen if i keep getting the very same dino all the dang time ! einiosaurus%20DNA%20haul%20154

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I am sick of getting this dinosaur as well. All over my hause and she is useless

Could be worse. Could be hordes of Majungasaurus spawning everywhere… So sick of the things


I’m the same with Diplocaulus (live and work in L3)

I actually had an idea the other day about that. After getting 1K Diplo in my 12 hr arena incubator I thought it would be cool for us to be able to “set” our zone in game if we choose to. If you do that, then you wouldn’t get any dinos from that zone in your arena incubators.

That way it wouldn’t feel like such a kick in the teeth when you see 5 dinos outside and the proceed to get hundreds or thousands of DNA more in your incubator. Especially the commons…

I’m in zone 1 with Maj but actually don’t see her nearly as much as I used to.

  1. she’s “useless” at this point in time… but if there’s one thing playing this game since day 1 has taught me it’s that everything will have its day… and creatures that are “pests” now you may be buying special scents for in the future (I.e. Velo and Stego…) I wouldn’t stop until you have maxed out on her (200k) just in case.

  2. Why not just ignore her if you think she’s useless? No-one is forcing you to dart her are they? And you may miss something you need if you are travelling while darting her.

  3. Yes, it is normal. It’s not just the past 14 days (where have you been?)… there’s been a plague since November.



Mind you… maybe they are working as a herd, rounding up and hiding all the other Dinos as this photographic evidence suggests…


Watch out Barry, after the Triceratops, you’re next!

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We’ll revisit this thread when Einio goes dark and gets a Unique hybrid.


Dart EVERYTHING. I only have 40k Einio, but 80k Majung in wait.

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