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Overview of Mod, Spin

Dear friend!
I have seen many negative comments about the Mod system! This is my second good update since I played! I think the booster system was confusing. Now I have a chance to win if my team is right and the spinning system is the best at the moment! The second spin has been fixed with sponsored videos, giving you more opportunities to get better rewards! I think it’s a pity to deal with negative expressions and I want to keep their good habits with a very positive attitude to game development! For me, if someone talks about Android first, Ludia participates in game development, communication and fun game play!



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Everyone’s welcome to their own opinion of course. And there are certainly some things about mods that aren’t terrible. But putting the best ones behind a paywall, filling the trade harbor up with so many bad trades for them, and so greatly slowing down the matches (which appears to have made ALL PvP matches insanely slow, which drags tournament runs out interminably) make the benefits pale in comparison for many of us. At least they seem to have gotten over trying to force so many mod tournaments and events on us, but I dread seeing the next tournament that comes up.


Yeah… Agreed with what you just stated @Mary_Jo.

I’m not a fan of Mods at all, I keep zero in my inventory unless an event reluctantly forces me into using Mods.


That’s true…In some aspects MOD’s are better, but in my opinion boosters were better