Ovilophomolch has no cooldown?

I was looking at Ovilophomoloch on JWA Toolbox and saw that Group Cunning Impact has no cooldown. I looked in game and saw this was true!

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Yeah that can’t be right, right?

I mean if there’s no cooldown in a battle, then I suppose it’s true

Update: I watched a video on youtube and yes, there’s no cooldown for it. Insane!


Yep, no cooldown, does it seem like it was something that was intended, no, but do I think it fits because of it seeming pretty weak which also involves some bias, then yes

I’m not good at anything when it comes to creature balance and such so I’m probably completely wrong


There’s a lot of dinos that would still be balanced if their impacts didn’t have a cooldown, but for consistency I’d say it should have one. If it needs a buff after that, give it one.