Ovilophosaurus bug

No cooldown on a move

Ovilophosaurus’ Group Cunning Impact has no cooldown. Found this out while playing campaign battles. Is it supposed to have no cooldown? (if you want to give me rewards of finding this bug, my username & tag in game is Cattitan#4744.

Hmm is this a bug?

Ye but I found it first

Don’t worry. There’s no reward. :rofl:


This has been known about since ovilphomoloc was introduced


you sure about that? :no_mouth:

No one has ever recieved a reward for reporting a bug, less if it’s a well known one that Ludia have just decided to ignore.


Bugs in this game?

Surely not!

What are you talking about… It’s not a bug, it’s supposed to have no cooldown


Really? Can’t be

Yea, that’s how it’s supposed to work


Why do you need a cooldown? Ovilopho rarely stands out.

This has been a bug with the move since the move was released.

Actually I pointed it out a couple months ago…the glitch isn’t new and there no rewards lol.

Could be intentional, ever since the move came out (first on Ovilophomoloch) it has had no cooldown.
Either way both the ovilophs aren’t that great.

Yes, we usually don’t have impacts with 0 cooldown, but persistent ferocious strike exists (which is basically an impact and a ferocious boost for next turn, so I don’t see why this needs to be changed
I hope it was intentional.

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Same issue with ovilophomoloch, they literally just copied a raid boss move and forgot to change to cooldown kek