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Ovilophosaurus VS Aquilamimus (JWA Battles #24)

They say the early bird gets the worm. But in this case, it’s the early bird gets the flower. Or is it?

Last time, we had a duel between pterovexus and poukandactylus! Go read now if ya haven’t already!

Obviously, again we aren’t showing stats til after the battle (new rules!) but we will give brief explanations of these creatures’ abilities.

Who are you rooting for?
  • Ovilophosaurus
  • Aquilamimus

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Ovilophosaurus is a rather small predator… and it has… stereoscopic vision. Not sure what that helps with in a fight, but aight. It’s pretty fast, but not very strong. Thankfully, it doesn’t need strength here. Its claws and feet claws will be very useful for this battle. It lacks a bit of oomph, though.

At first, I didn’t think aquil didn’t stand much of a chance here. However, looking at it, it has the sharp claws from its eagle parent, and should be just as fast, if not faster, than its ostrich parent. Outside of that, though, it kinda lacks. It does have a LOUD shout though, which should give him the upper and at times.

Ovilopho can see seen with a pack of compsocaulus. They seem to have teamed up. They come across what appears to be an aquil corpse. The compyc’s walk to it, instantly waking aquil and it screams loud enough for the comp’s and ovilopho to cover their ears.

The comps jump at aquil, but aquil takes them all out one by one. One comp lands next to ovilopho, which enraged him. He charges towards aquil and bites his neck, causing aquil to shout, and making ovilopho let go.

Aquil runs from the scene with Ovilopho taking chase. 30 seconds later, realizing qquil was faster and had more stamina, decided to take a different approach. Aquil reached a river, and decided to take a sip, but not before ovilopho could jump him into the water.

Aquil attempts to swim out, with ovilopho latched onto his tail, and eventually jumps out with ovilopho flying and smacking into a tree in cartoon fashion. The compsocaulus pack catch up with ovilopho and notices him lying on the ground, dazed. One gives him a fish, which he someone eats and he instantly gets back up to track aquil.

Now further away from them, aquil is taking a water break then is suddenly jumped again by ovilopho. He shouts again, but this time, not bothering ovilopho. Aquil then decides to fight for real and kicks ovilopho away. Ovilopho rushes again, but gets kicked once more. Again, ovilopho needs a different approach. Unbeknownst to him, though, the compies are signaling him what to do. He nods and jumps aquil and bites his neck.

Aquil then, somehow, bites ovilopho’s neck, and both just shake off each other. Ovilopho gets flaming eyes then claws aquil’s gut, followed by aquil using his foot claws in ovilopho’s. Ovilopho then bit aquil’s neck, and bit down hard enough for it to crack, which ends aquil.

Ovilopho signals for the comps to dig in while he rests from the minor blood loss.

A lot closer than the last battle, 100%. Aquil could 100% be annoying with its screeching, and its claws, size, and speed advantage could prove troublesome. However, ovilopho was smaller and could take advantage of that quite easily. Aquil’s only reliable weapon was the beak and claws, while ovilopho could dodge them long enough to take aquil down. I do still say aquil comes close to winning 50% of the time, but we’re here to see who wins more, making the winner ovilophosaurus!


Agree? Disagree? Feel free to debunk, and suggest future battles, as our next fighters will be revealed.



Two tyrannosaurid roars can be heard.

A triceratops pair and sinoceratops pair of hairs can be seen clashing.

Omega 09 and Juggernaut 32 VS Mortem Rex and Ceramagnus

Which team do you think will win?
  • Team JWTG
  • Team JWA

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Going for JWTG because they are the OG’s. Also, Juggers looks more deadlier than Magnus, but I’ll wait to see how it turns out

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Ok screw jwtg who looks more realistic???

Scare factor goes to JWtG and they do look deadlier than JWA, however seeing the apexes running around the arena I have other thoughts on who’s deadlier lol


JWTG won’t be immortal for this fight (and apparently cera should actually weigh 100k tons, so I have to do something about that)

for me there both the same, but i have a nostalgic feeling towards the JWTG bosses cause i have known them since the start, so for me both are good :J

so with ovilophosaurus vs aquilamimus, i have not had a scenario where ovilophosaurus would win. ovilopho gets close to killing but since aquila has more speed, it always wins even with distraction on it

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I would prefer blue (almost) colour then all purple colour boss. Lol

Ironic how things go differently in-game than irl

Like t-rex and brachi