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Oviraptor bug?

Is it just me, or does Oviraptor not spawn via scents at all? I’ve had giga scents going for a solid 3 days, I’ve only found 2 Oviraptors and both times it wasn’t by a scent, it just spawned in my area

Ovi is a short range spawn. It’s not scentable.


Thx, and also y would they do that? Its just annoying

That is quite a broad subject actually.
The whole idea of short range and long range, I believe, was to not dilute the global spawn pool more. Which is a good thing in a way but the actual execution of the mechanics still leaves a lot to be desired. We can only hope they will improve it in the future.
So far many people have mixed feelings about short range spawns.

For me personally they almost never appear when I walk, only to invade my blue circle when I’m in a car or train. Probably just my kind of “luck”.

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That would happen to me all the time, won’t spawn unless im moving over 60 mph