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I have seen Bagoyee’s video about unlocking the oviraptor. The Ovi looks beautiful to my eyes, and guess what, IT HAS NEW ANIMATIONS!!!

And a level 7 Oviraptor can counter a level 11 velociraptor perfectly.


if you watched my video, a lvl 7 oviraptor can also be used to beat mortem rex raid :smirk: :wink:


Man i have 0 apex dna lol

what about a level 10?

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I absolutely love oviraptor!!! I love its design!!! I love its calls!!! Love the chirps, but sometimes it scream/shrieks and sounds like a demogorgon… but that’s fine
But long story short I love it!!!

No new loading screen yet

yes, that was a bummer, would have loved to have the oviraptor art with the sunset as the screen, or dakota in the dark eeriee night


well yeah that would work better and would survive until the end of the raid, but I only had a level 7 lol

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Hii there,can my bro join ur alliance bcz u beat apex with lower dinos…my brother has a trophy count of more than 3,600 and good at the game… he completed his tasks daily.
He is a very regular and a hardcore player

Will,u be his friend and of mine…

I’m in KillerRaptors, the alliance where majority of players have lvl 30 creatures and have 5k+ trophies

Can u drop the link for the video?

I’ll create a topic for the videos

tbh, it looks really long and lanky

i love the movmemts

Noticed for a while it does a little wing flapping when you play with it in the sanctuaries, i find it cute

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Did they remove them today, saw about 15 yesterday and 0 today…same sample size.

Haven’t seen any yet and have short range spawn at home. Today walked 2 hours around and didn’t find any.

Ive seen about 1 or 2 a day in the same amount of time i saw 15plus on day one.

i have seen no oviraptors, or dakotaraptors